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Caring for Seniors
When Jane set up her mother at a well known senior care facility the last way she thought she would be spending her first weekend visit was looking for a sweater,
only to find out the simple mix up could have been avoided!
Jane turned to Label Land and now enjoys the weekend relaxing with her mother and makes it back on time for a date night with her husband.
whether you are caring for the senior in your home or have them in a senior care facility, lost and misplaced items can disrupt an entire day.
Yet there can be steps to do your part to avoid those situations.
Nobody wants to lose their few hours they have to relax or their scheduled date night because they are busy looking their parents missing belongings.
missing glasses, keys, or their favorite shirt or sweater that just make them feel good can ruin their mood for the day and can take hours to find taking away time from your busy schedule only to find out their neighbor found them
but cannot figure out who to return them to!
clearly labeling and organizing your belongings will keep your senior more independent help the facility staff or any other care taker avoid he simple heartache mix-ups.
Not sure which labels will do the trick? Label Land has a full section of labels best suited for your senior.
Nursing Home Iron-On Label

Iron-On Clothing Labels will make sure all your clothes come back to you from the laundry or get their sweater returned from the lobby chair it was mistakenly left on they are easy to apply and are guaranteed to stay on through the wash.

Stick-On Labels Can be applied to any tag or hard surface and will stay on during the wear and tear.
Dishwasher & Microwave safe labels will make sure their containers and utensils will come back from the bench after a nice lunch in the garden!

Our goal at Label Land is to make sure everything comes back so we have
combined everything and created our Senior Savings Pack so you can get it all with a simple click.

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