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Stop Stealing My Cell Phone Charger

How many times have you gone to charge your phone only to discover your phone charger is missing…AGAIN? Way too many, right? Someone is always taking chargers and never putting them back. The argument over whose charger is whose causes havoc and soon no one in the house is talking to one another. 

That ends NOW! The idea of giving up is not an option. Pick yourself and your phone off the floor and take charge of your charger.  

We’ve tried to write our names on a charger with a permanent marker but within a week, it’s rubbed off. If we could only label it with a name sticker to avoid those pesky robbers, wouldn’t that be glorious? Yes, it would, and it is. 

Hello, stick-on labels? Nice to meet you. Is it true? No more arguing with your teen because you’ve told him several times not to move your charger, yet he still does. “I thought it was mine,” will no longer be accepted as an excuse. 

Not only is mom in charge, but she’s also in charge of her charger and everyone’s going to know it. These mini-round name labels are only .75” in diameter and won’t peel or fade. 

They can be put on anything. It’s also perfect for baby bottles and pacifiers. We literally put them on everything we don’t want to lose. They’re small enough not to overpower something but large enough to identify that you’re the owner. Hear that kiddos? Hands off our chargers. 

Everyone in the family who has a phone can design their own stick-on labels, which is a lot of fun. From bees to basketball, flowers to a forest, there’s something that everyone can choose from. This will lead to fewer arguments in the house and happier memories.

We will warn you once you start labeling, it’s hard to stop. Soon everything in the house will be claimed. It’s not a bad thing. Let’s say you have a child who is allergic to certain foods and you need to label what she can have in the fridge and the pantry. Anyone from the new sitter to grandma will know what that child can and cannot have. 

Labels have so many uses, we could write hundreds of articles about them. Instead, tell us what you use your mini-round labels for. Comment ⬇️ and you may just inspire someone with your ideas. 

As we like to say, “Stick on Your Stuff to Stick With Your Stuff,” and that includes your cell phone charger. 

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