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Summer Fun: Tag, You're It

If you haven’t ever played the game of “tag,” you may be living under a rock or perhaps you’re in visiting from another planet. Welcome. It’s the world’s simplest game and a great way to get your kids, and you, outside laughing and enjoying time together this summer.

Let’s look at the history of tag, shall we? According to, the first record of the game was found in Ostrakinda written by a Greek writer known as Julius Pollux in the second century. The rules of Ostrakinda are a bit different but generally, two teams participate in this game, both required to stand on a marked line on either side before the game starts when a shell's spun on the ground or a toss in the air deciding which team will be the chaser. 

Is it us or does this sound like a Squid Game competition? Let’s hope not. Tag today is very simple but some have different rules and variations. Is there a home base? Can you tag someone immediately after they tag you, known as a tag-back? Some kids get super creative and make up some crazy additions to the classic way.

Why do we love tag? There are many reasons this game keeps on giving. First of all, it doesn’t require any equipment, meaning parents don’t have to go out and spend money. Second of all, it’s easy. We love easy, right? Lastly, it’s of course, fun. Whether you’re four or forty, the game is entertaining and perfect for an excuse to get out of the house and run around outside. 

Did you know there was a movie titled, Tag, based on a true story of friends referred to as the “Tag Brothers” who played for nearly 30 years? How fun is that? Now you can play tag and then head inside and watch tag. Win, win!

There’s also “phone tag”, which isn’t a game, but you get the idea. How many times have you left a voicemail and said, “Tag, You’re It?” It’s probably rarer today with texting. 

Tag and other games were so much fun growing up. There were no cell phones, Xbox, or virtual reality headsets, but instead, the summer heat, the ice cream truck, bikes, sprinklers, and running around with friends. 

If you’re wondering why out of all the games, we chose tag to focus on, it’s a good question. One of our wonderful customers was asking about our bag tags and the idea for this blog article was born. 

Bag Tags

What are bag tags? You’re filled with wonderful questions. Label Land’s cool and fun bag tags help big and little ones keep track of backpacks, bags, and luggage with our sturdy metal tag and ball chain. If you’re one of the billion travelers with black luggage, these are especially great. If you’re a kid or a kid at heart, we have colorful designs to choose from. If you prefer something a bit tamer, we have that too. 

By the way, you get two bag tags when you purchase our Camp Pack

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We hope you’re enjoying your summer thus far and next time your kid says, “I’m bored,” touch their shoulder, say, “tag, you’re it” and run away. 

Comment ⬇️ and share your favorite memories of tag as a kid and if your family likes to play today. 

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