Our laundry safe labels are great for camp, school, daycares and nursing homes. Iron them on (we guarantee they'll stick)

  • 2" wide, 3/8" high
  • Up to 2 lines of text
  • Waterproof and Laundry Safe
  • Round edges to prevent peeling
  • Printed with BLACK ink on WHITE label
  • Thin & soft & comfy to wear
  • High grade woven polyester
  • Labels can be printed with ANY language or symbol
  • Printed with INDELIBLE ink
  • Guaranteed for life of garment


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“Oh the places you’ll go, oh the things you’ll do” (Dr. Suess)

Make sure your stuff comes back with you too with our bestselling Iron On Clothing Labels. These nifty iron on labels are laundry safe, and once they are applied correctly, they will stick like that unwanted nick name you earned in first grade. Made from the highest grade woven poly, our Iron On labels are soft on the skin, yet are tough enough to withstand the daily grind and then some. Printed in indelible ink, the labels look crisp and sharp never losing their legibility to the washer and drier, cycle after cycle. Add up to two lines of information that will make identifying and/or recovering your articles a breeze. Iron On Clothing Labels are the perfect solution for daycare, kindergarten, school, camp, and nursing homes-always get back what you pack.

Tips from a Momma who has been there:

  • Only put the last name if you have sibs who like to share clothing
  • Include a phone number to help your stuff find its way home
  • Add a fun and funky symbol to the name for some personality and pizzazz


Applying these labels is very easy and does not take more than 15 seconds a label:  


  • Set iron to cotton or highest heat setting (NO STEAM). Wait until the iron is fully heated.  
  • Place label on garment in desired position. Put a pressing cloth (very thin piece of fabric) over the label. Holding the iron flat, firmly press the labels in place for 15 seconds. DO NOT move the iron around.  
  • Allow the garment to cool down. If you can still peel the label off with your fingernail, your iron is not hot enough. Use another iron to re-apply it for 15-20 seconds. 


Tip: Try 1 or 2 then wash to ensure that iron is hot enough and labels are sticking.