These labels stick to the care tag of clothing for an easy, convenient way to label. No ironing or sewing! Laundry safe and great for camp, school, daycare and nursing homes.

  • Size: .9” x .6”
  • 100% laundry safe--Will not peel off or fade in the wash
  • Wash and dry as usual
  • Sticks to care tags of clothing-not directly on clothing
  • Up to 2 lines of text
  • Fun and super easy way to label-no iron needed. Save time. Even kids can help.

For optimal results, we recommend using a space between numbers. For example 732 987 3915

Please use only letters or numbers. Do not add any symbols such as ( ), *. The - @ sign can be used.



We’re never satisfied with standard. So we decided to vamp up the label factor with an option for every imaginable solid on earth. No time for iron on? No problem. The stick n wear color option for labels is laundry safe and won’t peel or fade during cycles. The defining factor is where they stick; affix stick n wears to the clothing care tags instead of directly fastening to clothing fibers. How’s that for fun turned functional that involves even the littlest of residents in the affixing aspect? Your miniature daredevil will be part of the labeling with these kids fun labels which are super simple to attach. Customize them to your liking, or perhaps give your tot a chance to let his sense of style be showcased. Sized at 9 x 6” and durable , we hope you get to take our stick n wears to an entire new dimension. We call it a label of love.

Inclusive assortment/ Price:

  • 45 labels $17.95 measuring 9 x 6”per tag.
  • 90 labels $29.95 measuring 9 x 6” per tag.

Peel and stick onto the care tag of any clothing item. Wash and dry as usual.