The ultimate life-saver and parenting tool is here. Welcome to the Ultimate Daycare Label Pack.

You'll receive a large variety of labels so that your child's favorite sippy cup, rare lunch box you bought on vacation, raincoat that's been passed down, and shirt that Grandma bought doesn't get lost. No matter the size, shape, or material, we have a label to fit anything and everything, including a bag tag for that new and special backpack waiting for the first day of school.

You don't have to worry about peeling, fading, or throwing items in the dishwasher. Avoid sharing germs and losing meaningful items to you and your kids.

    Inclusive assortment:

    • Each pack includes:

    • 40 Stick N' Wear® Color Labels

    • 42 Mini Round Labels

    • 14 Medium Rectangle Labels

    • 10 Shoe Tags

    • 1 Bag Tag

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