Avoid mix-up of shoes and sneakers with special stick on labels for the insides of footwear.

  • Size: 1.45 x .8"
  • 10 pairs for $17.95, 24 Pairs  for 29.95
  • Sticks to inside of shoe, at the heel
  • Durable,100% Waterproof




Gym sneaks, treading feet. No easy feat to keep em neat. That’s where the simple advantage of shoe labels comes to play. 1.45 x 8” in dimension, completely durable to guarantee color that lasts. That’s the ultimate in shoe identification you’ll ever come to know. Waterproof to withstand sweat muddles or rain puddles, never get befuddled when searching for your pair. Simply stick the label to the inside of your shoe, precisely at the heel bed, and take the road less taken, with ease. Because we know that life means full days of wear and tear, and even longer roads to cross. That’s why our shoe labels are there with you, for the long run. (Quite literally)

Inclusive assortment/ Price:

12 pairs for $17.95

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Peel off the backing and place into the heel of shoe or sneaker.


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