Our Seniors label pack will ensure all items make their way back to their room. From clothes and sweaters to shoes and eyeglasses, this pack has a durable, laundry-safe label for every item your loved one brings to their nursing home or Assisted living facility.

Inclusive Assortment:

  • 40 Stick-N-Wear® Clothing Labels
  • 10 Shoe Labels
  • 14 Medium Rectangle Labels
  • 10 Seniors Large Rectangle Labels
  • 50 Iron-on labels


Growing old need not be a chore because, in this modern world, you have options such as the Nursing Home Iron On Sticker Name Labels Value Pack which is laundry-safe and very durable. This is made of high-grade woven polyester that is lightweight yet can withstand constant wear and tear. It's also made of thin material that is very comfortable to use. Apart from that, the sticker name labels are also weatherproof, waterproof, and peel-proof to guarantee long-term use and your money's worth. The ink used is also safe and non-toxic which helps in getting your loved one’s items such as bedding, clothing, footwear, and other personal items organized. The sticker name labels are not only very presentable but also convenient and readable. Aging gracefully is not a myth after all, especially with this value pack that will enhance and customize the way you care for your loved ones in nursing homes.


  • Up to 2 lines of text per label
  • Guaranteed waterproof and laundry Safe
  • Round edges to prevent peeling
  • Thin & soft for ultimate comfort
  • Includes labels for personal items
  • High-grade woven poly
  • Labels can be printed in ANY language with room number or ID
  • Printed with INDELIBLE ink
  • 100% Laundry safe and will not peel
  • Recommended by nursing assisted living facilities

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