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A bit about Label-Land:

LabelLand.com offers you a great selection of clothing labels,  iron on labelsbag tagsstickers and more. Our iron-on labels are of the highest quality. We use a high grade woven polyester fabric to ensure that the labels are super strong and long lasting, yet comfortable enough to wear. The name labels can be attached effortlessly to every fabric type. Hold the label in place with a hot iron for just a couple of seconds and the labels will be attached to the clothing permanently, staying in place for as long as you need them even through numerous washing cycles. You can also sew on the labels with a few quick stitches to attach it as well. Either way you choose to attach your labels, you will be able to put your clothing straight into the machine without having to worry about the labels falling off. Our labels will stay on even when used with industrial washing and drying machines as well.

Label Land’s clothing name labels can be customized with either one or two lines text. Most often the information included is the name and phone number, but you may also choose to include more specific information such as class id or bunk name. Printed with black indelible ink on a white label, they are very clear and easy to read.

You will find endless uses for our iron on labels. Use these name labels for clothes, outerwear, accessories, laundry bags, briefcases and more. Our iron labels can be used around the house as well as in daycare, school and camp and nursing homes as well. By using iron labels for camp and school your child belongings will be recognized easily and you will have fewer items lost. Many nursing home residents also buy iron on labels for their personal belongings to make them identifiable effortlessly.

Label land also offers personalized bag tags. Add a personalized touch to your children’s bags with these customized bag tags. You can include up to four lines of text and choose from a variety of cheerful designs. The bag tags can be fastened easily to any bag shape or size. They are made of sturdy metal and 100% waterproof as well.

Label Land provides you with customized permanent sticker sheets too. The sticker sheets give you an assortment of stickers in different sizes that can be customized with your personal information. These stickers are water resistant and can adhere to many different surfaces. Apply them to water bottles, shoes, containers and more for a permanent and easy identification. All Label Land products are proudly made in the USA.