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Stress Less, Stamp More: Three Ways to Save your Sock Sanity

Okay people, the struggle with singletons is real. What’s a singleton you ask?  A lonely sock that cannot find his or her matching mate.  It feels like every week, we add more and more singletons to our stock or rather sock pile. Can you relate? We thought so. 

Is it that difficult to take your socks off and put them directly in the dirty laundry? Apparently so. If you have a dog, maybe your socks are in your bushes. Perhaps the washing machine monster ate them? Wherever that lonely sock is, one turns into two which turn into 100. 

The worst is when you buy new socks, especially for your kids and within a few days, one is gone, poof, never to be seen again. That is until you throw out the original one. Don’t you just hate that? 

What’s the solution? We’re glad you asked. We have three of them. 

1. Enter the clothing stamp

First of all, if you have more than one person wearing socks that are the same brand and look in your house, it makes claiming it that much harder.

Enter the clothing stamp. Owning one will seriously change your life and make lonely socks everywhere happy again.  If your kids are heading to camp this summer, socks will be the first thing to go bye bye. BUT, if they’re labeled properly, reunification is possible. Labeling socks has never been easy. Either you're trying to stick a label on that is uncomfortable when the sock is on, or use a permanent marker that’s not easy to read. Clothing stamps are easy, convenient, and a fun way for the kids to help claim their sock territory. 

If you have black socks or black clothing, stick n’ wear or iron on labels may work better for you. We actually provide you with blank white iron-on labels so you can stamp them if your clothing isn’t light enough. The great news…we have something for everything. You’re welcome!

Let's be realistic. Singleton socks will always be a thing if you have kids. It’s a good thing non-matching socks is a style these days for the little ones.

2. It’s time to get organized

A second solution is to have an allocated labeled plastic baggie for each family member’s singletons. Of course you can use the clothing stamp to mark each bag. We may have a stamping addiction but that’s for another article. Clothing stamps, despite the name, aren’t just for clothing. After every load, whichever socks are left over and cannot be paired, which is unfortunately quite a few, can be added to that plastic baggie. 

When you think you found a match, go right into the family member’s bag and let the romance take over. When you have to dig through everyone’s socks, it’s time consuming and frustrating. 

3. Give your socks an expiration date

If you’re holding on to that sock you know is somewhere, yet nowhere to find, at some point, it’s time to let it go. If you don’t you’ll end up as a sock hoarder, surrounded by plastic baggies of singletons running and ruining your life. 

As a guide, every six months is a good time to reevaluate your stockpile and part ways. If you feel bad about throwing them away and you’re creative, make sock pets. It’s super fun and a great activity for you and the kids to complete. All you do is stuff your sock with whatever you have around the house (we bet you have spare socks), sew on buttons, add some glitter, pipe cleaners and enjoy your new pet. Or, you can put on a puppet show and include the whole sock gang. Socks also make great dusters, by the way. 

Your creativity will knock your socks off. Sorry, we had to go there. Perhaps we should stick to labels…and of course clothing stamps!

How do YOU handle singleton sock stress? Comment ⬇️.

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