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To White or Not to White, That Is the Memorial Day Question

Moms, Memorial Day weekend has arrived. Does that mean you’re dusting off your white pants and shoes or have they already gotten their fair share of wear?

To wear white or not to wear white before Memorial Day, that is the question. If you ask multiple people what the rule is, you’ll get varying answers. Some stick to the “never before Memorial Day or after Labor Day” rule, while others have broken the outdated fashion rule a long time ago.

We promise over at Label Land we won’t judge you either way. There’s actually a bit of history behind this rule, but this rule is just that, history. Now it’s cool to wear white whenever you feel like it. 

Let’s give credit where credit is due. White jeans are AWESOME and they go with EVERYTHING! When you finally find that right pair…you know the ones that hide the cellulite on the back of your legs and make you feel skinny…you never want to take them off. That said, finding those gems are very difficult. Luckily, we have shapewear options.

Let’s shift to white shoes, especially sneakers. These can be worn any day of the week, with any type of clothing, and it doesn’t have to be after Memorial Day. Kids these days love the white shoe look, however, it lasts for about a minute after they put them on. Why do kids love white shoes? Ugh. When we were younger, white Keds were the jam. Remember those? They were easy, comfortable, and could be worn with shorts, pants, dresses, basically anything. The problem with everyone wearing the same shoes? No one knows which ones are theirs.

This is a true story. About thirty years ago, one of our Label Land family members went to school with what she thought were two of her matching Keds. She thought one felt a bit different but ignored her gut feeling. Low and behold, she wore one of her sneakers and one of her mother’s, which were two different sizes. We have enough sanity to lose with those mismatched socks, we can’t add mismatched white shoes to the pile, right?

It’s too bad our shoe labels didn’t exist back then, but they do now! Check out these Label Land fun peel and stick on name labels that come in the shape of feet and sneakers. Super cute! From little tootsies to the big dogs, mixing up or losing shoes will never happen again. 

To avoid someone else wearing your fabulous white pants, or the other way around, you may want to check out Label Land’s clothing labels. Oh, and they come in white in case you're wondering.

Parents will love our shoe labels because the foot-shaped ones have a left and a right sticker. For kiddos who are learning that concept, it’s a very helpful tool. 

Whatever color clothing or shoe rule you follow, or rather don’t follow, enjoy your long weekend. If it’s white, just be prepared to have lots of ketchup and mustard from little fingers adorn them. That’s why there’s bleach, right?

While Memorial Day should be filled with food, family, and fun, it’s also a time to honor and remember.

Thank you to all who have served our country and continue to do so today.

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